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          Contact Us

          Name: Jows
          Tel: 18925754367
          Fax: 0769-82599502
          E-mail: zdhobby@163.com
          Add: dongguanshi
          WeChat: 1303010905
          QQ: 1213049337
          QQ: 1213049337 zdhobby@163.com

          About Us

          Dongguan ZD Hobby CO,.Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ZD Hobby) was located in Dongguan, which is a modern city with rapidly developed economic and full of high technology enterprise. Here is a international center and manufacturing city for remote control model making. ZD Hobby  is a high-tech company specialize in RC Car products development, manufacturing and sales.At present, we are committed to researching and developing, manufacturing all kinds of and all scale of RC Cars for competition or teaching for new comers..

           ZD Hobby  was producing and selling the racing cars,buggies and touring cars. Also 1-18,1-16,1-10,1-8 and 1-5 high-end racing cars. No matter how your platform is.each of our products will work for you!We will try our best to pay fully focus on every detail of products,make continuously improvements in pursuit of the product perfection . We have been taking closely tracking to the latest development of science and technology, and making improvement accordingly.  

               ZD Hobby  has brought together a group of motor aspects of enterprise management, quality management, production management, and technology to develop professional talents;Through strict management, good faith service, the company won a number of long-term and stable customers; our products conform to the requirements of the EU environmental standards (ROHS) and exported to Europe, America, Japan, southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. products are exported to the United States, Europe, Japan and other developed countries.


          Online service

          1213049337 zdhobby@163.com


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